Saturday, October 27, 2012

Family in Phoenix!


We were pretty lucky this year and were able to go to my parent's vacation home in Phoenix for a week with all my siblings and their kids. Thanks Mom & Dad for making it possible :) We love when we are able to get together and when you throw in summer weather, a pool and 10 kids it's a guaranteed recipe for fun!

Nick hates LOVES travelling with kids!

Our first morning there Nixon just couldn't wait to go swimming
and jumped in the pool in his pjs. Haha! 

Dani, Kelsy & Ian

This shy little man is stingey with his smiles, but when you can
get one, they are priceless. We love you Kaden!

Just trying to survive the heat wave (115*F!)

Baby swimsuits are SO adorable!

Savannah & Jennica

Jill & Max

Nick & Emerson

Landon sure loves having his picture taken ;)

By the end of the week Nixon was fearless in the pool and loved
just running and jumping in. He is fine getting his face wet
and even learned how to doggy paddle a bit :) 

Me & Ems

All the kids and Grandkids :)

My big brother Shane ignoring the kids and getting some reading done

Nixon doesn't look mischievious at all...

Emmy & Savvy are only 3 days apart and have multiple matching
outfits thanks to Grandma Jeannie :) 

The two that started it all.
We love you Mom & Dad
Thanks again!!!

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